Unique to Heavenly Hammocks is our extensive range of crush dyed indoor and outdoor hanging furniture. Because we dye our fabrics by hand we can produce any shade you require to blend in with your own particular colour scheme at home. The crush-dyed technique we use brings about a 2-tone or mottled finish to the canvas, which is what sets us apart from all other markers of hanging leisure furniture.

We take pride in the superb quality of our hammocks thereby ensuring that they will last you a very long time. The canvas we use is made from 100% pure cotton, making our hammocks extremely cool and comfortable to relax in. At the same time they are very durable because we only use a tightly woven, box-weave canvas so the fabric will never stretch or weaken. In addition we insert steel thimbles at each end of the hammock thereby preventing any loosening of the ropes which can so easily occur as a result of the constant friction caused by a rope or a carabine hook.


Graeme and Laura have many years experience in hammock manufacturing, having started in the industry in 1994. They have developed their own technique and designs.


Our hammocks have the style, the strength as well as the comfort needed to guarantee you lifelong luxury. So treat yourself to a Heavenly Hammock and turn your leisure into heavenly pleasure!